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[COMPLETED] TKO:Splash - Sunday, 12th September 2010
At the time I let out a "How did that not hit you". It wasn't actually directed at you, I was just pissed at being lit up and said what was in my head (never a good thing!). I think you may have hit me with perhaps one shot. What did the damage was the person that was standing less than 2 meters away on my flank lighting me up full auto.
I know we were playing the campaign and people could reload but, especially with a big field, you don't want to be going back to reload all the time so I do think people would play differently and not use full auto all the time.
When it all is said and done basically it was a situation where I would have hoped for a little more thought before action but understand that being ambushed was a hell of a surprise and if a guy is firing at my team it's natural to try and take that person out.
We did have a cool interaction earlier in the day, that I think was more of an accurate representation of how the day went, and one of the reasons I came up to you straight away to apologize cos getting upset in any situation is not cool.
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Just to add my 2 cents, it's not the first time I was "overshot" (reason for Overkill? Wink), and this even with ammo limits. When you think you have an opening on someone and he doesn't call the hit, I think you just keep shooting till he does, you don't usually count ammo in that case.
I don't know, maybe some guns are too loud and impair hearing, because I seriously had to scream from the top of my lungs a couple of time to get to stop the flow of BBs coming toward my (fragile) face.
Yes I must say with or without ammo limit, I'd open up on you anyway Big Grin. The reason is that maybe I've played too much in over 4 years of airsoft in JP, that "doing the nice thing of semi-auto", there's a 50/50 chance the player may not raise their hand to say hit.

I'm not calling you a cheat (actually didn't even know it was you), any actually sometimes these players don't cheat on purpose too but either they wear too much that they don't feel the semi-autos, etc. I'm guilty of the same thing at times.

When I was lit up later that afternoon, I screamed at the top of my lungs twice too before the BBs stopped. I've accepted it as a byproduct of the game.
A BB limit changes the way I play but I do have a Masada that gets 80% more distance (according to one credible source) so semi-auto is all I need for a head shot. Maybe it wouldn't change the way others play so fair nuf. Anyway, hopefully common sense prevails if the participants in my story have a similar situation in the future (obviously I'm referring to myself as much, if not more than my close distance full auto friend).
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What did people think about the campaigns? (Both the morning and afternoon one)
I liked it and thought it was very well planned Wink.
I enjoyed the longer campaigns. I thought our team worked well on them and had a good idea of what everyone was up to due to a lot of good communication within the team and direction from our esteemed leaders.
I actually thought I really needed a radio since the only way for me to communicate with the team was to guard the respawn point. Nevertheless, with the organization planned ahead, I was able to launch several missions with success thanks to my skilled team members who were diligent in achieving assigned tasks.
yeah, the radios really helped. I thought that the changes that were made on the morning (making missions 15 mins and no dog tags) helped make the day better but I think the yellow team had two leaders that did a great job of letting everyone know what needed to be done. I also think the red team did a great job of putting themselves in my cross hairs!!
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