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[COMPLETED] TKO:Splash - Sunday, 12th September 2010
I signed up.
But please count me as tentative.
Hi all,

There are some changes to the booking :-

1) We have cancelled the West Field. We will only play on the East Field
2) BYO lunch. It seems Splash will order obento instead of cooking for us, so may as well BYO lunch. That will help admin simplify the fees for the day.

Thank you!
Sorry I cant confirm just yet. I want to come along but I need to wait until closer to the time before I can say for sure that I will be there.
(23-08-2010, 08:30 PM)psycho Wrote:
(18-08-2010, 04:08 AM)Drifter Wrote: All signed up. Have we thought about reaching out to some other teams to try and fill out the numbers?

We are trying to do just that (reach out to other teams to help with numbers). The 7 guests next to my name are actually some of the same guys that came to Village 1 in July (ie, the day an M4 took a tour of the JR train system). Tongue

Still following up with a few others...

Good to know. Hopefully the weather will be a bit cooler. Last game I almost wish I had lost my M4 again, I was so overheated.
(24-08-2010, 12:19 AM)Q Wrote: 1) We have cancelled the West Field. We will only play on the East Field

So... is the East field the larger one? Sux again we got to cancel, Splash is so good with the full field, I loved it.
The East field is the larger one. I think that the full field was cancelled because we only had 10 people when we had to finalize the booking, and Splash charges DOUBLE for a full field booking. We were afraid that 4,000 yen and a huge field with small numbers might scare people off.

That said, if west field is still available on game day we might be able to use full field if players and game organizers are willing and able (cost, game type, time management, etc).
I'd be up for it personally, but you guys know I'm always Smile

I really need that game though, so much stress from everywhere, I really need to shoot at people and enjoy it.
If you are stressed you should come out canoeing with me and that will get rid of it for you Big Grin

(25-08-2010, 02:18 PM)Ycare Wrote: I'd be up for it personally, but you guys know I'm always Smile

I really need that game though, so much stress from everywhere, I really need to shoot at people and enjoy it.
Confirmed. I'm in.

You put down 3 ppl in the guest list but you actually have 2 guests and you're the 3rd attendee, correct?
Nope, there are actually 3 girls coming along, like last time, so my description is correct ^^
Hmmm, now I can't remember what I asked U at the restaurant anymore cos I thought we were going to have 4 total in the car including myself. We may need to get a larger more expensive car.
Alright... sorry for the confusion, I thought I did tell you.
The girls will be ok to share whatever is necessary, so just let me know the damage.
NP...I'll just search for a bigger car.
Last game the rule was that ricochets don't count. Is that going to be the same for this game? I realize that it's in the TKO rules, so here's my two cents. I'm concerned about this rule as I feel it's a slippery slope as players feel more and more comfortable disregarding hits that hit softly, come from an unexpected angle, or in cases where you can't see the shooter.

Situation 1: You're hiding in a fort behind a barricade made of wooden slats with small gaps between them. Someone outside is peppering the barricade trying to sneak one through the gaps. You hear and see BBs pinging around you as they bounce their way into where you are hiding. If one of those BBs does make it through a gap cleanly and hits you, you will most likely dismiss it as a ricochet.

Situation 2: Someone spots you hiding across the field. You are crouched down behind a reed thicket. Your attacker fires several bursts at you and they get deflected by the reeds. One BB sneaks through and hits you. How easy is it to say to yourself, "There's no way that BB made it through clean. It must have been a ricochet."?

Situation 3: You have eyes on some targets trying to approach from one direction. Meanwhile, behind you, GingaNinga is crawling through the bushes to get a clear shot on you. The attackers you're watching pop out and send some rounds your way. At the same time, the Ninga pops up and puts two rounds on your back. You move to different cover telling yourself, "That came from behind me. Must have been a ricochet from those dudes I was watching."

I think that allowing people to make the decision invites all sorts of problems. It seemed that in this thread, almost everyone agreed with a philosophy of "When in doubt, call yourself out." With no ricochets, our desire to stay in and keep playing will cause us to try to justify not calling a hit. The only way I see a no ricochets rule working is if it's clear: "If you see the BB hit something and then hit you, it's a ricochet. Otherwise, if there's is ANY question, it's a hit."

Long-winded post aside, I will play the same way I always play, calling hit whenever I feel something. I know that all of us here at TKO will continue to play honorably as we always do. I just think it's a lot easier to play with a "get hit, go out" rule than a "get hit, go out... unless you think it bounced off of something first" rule.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"

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