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[COMPLETED] TKO:Splash - Sunday, 12th September 2010
Hi all,

Here is TKO's September game...


TKO will need to make a deposit for this game and will lose the deposit or pay the whole field if cancelled. Let's not waste admin fees unnecessarily.


Organizer: TKO
Date: 12th September, 2010
Time: 9 a.m. gathering (games 10 a.m. -> 5 p.m.)
Location: Splash Outdoor - East Field
Address: Chiba Ken, Chiba Shi, Wakaba Ku, Kaneoya Cho 498 (千葉県千葉市若葉区金親町498)
Access Map: Yahoo Maps
Type: Outdoor
Maximum: 40 people
Price: TBD
Lunch: BYO
Game Details: SEE BELOW

Access Details
Train: Chishirodai Monorail
Walking: 15 minute walk from Chishirodai monorail station.
Driving: Seems to be right across the street from Onari Park (御成公園) so that might be a good navi reference.

Check the Yahoo Map above or their website for details.

We will have some people coming by train, so we can share a taxi.

What you need
1) A gun (and spare if one breaks)
2) A sidearm/pistol! (we will be playing pistol-only games)
3) As many low or midcap magazines you can carry or 1xhigh magazine per game
4) Biodegradable BB's only (please be environmentally friendly)
5) Spare batteries
6) You can choose what to/or not to wear but remember it's an open woodlands and it's warm, good boots that you're prepared to get dirtry.
But minimum :-
a) goggles
b) gloves
6) Plenty of fluids! Please DO NOT dehydrate in this heat!!

[RULES / ルール]

For Newcomers :
For English Rules :



1) Ginga
2) Ryo
3) Hitomi
4) Junya
5) Psycho#7 Team ST
6) Psycho#8 Team ST
7) Psycho#9 Team ST
8) (Campaign Team Lead) ThunderMidget
9) (Campaign Tea Lead) Ycare
10) Ycare Chick#1
11) Ycare Chick#2
12) Ycare Chick#3
13) kiwiglen
14) Rooboy
15) Yuki

1) (Campaign Team Lead) Psycho
2) Psycho#1 Hotel Moscow
3) Psycho#2 Hotel Moscow
4) Psycho#3 130R
5) Psycho#4 130R
6) Psycho#5 130R
7) Psycho#6 130R
8) Chuckles
9) Q
10) (Campaign Team Lead) Ron
11) Ruiko
12) Monica
13) Drifter
14) Jinn
15) Ndegeocello
16) Gunsmith

Game Details

There will be 15 min games for warm up and there will be 2x90 min campaign games - one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Again like SEALs in August, if people are finding it too hot, then we can always cancel the afternoon campaign and stick to regular 15 min games.

Here are the Campaign Details :-

Point System
  1. Commander who loses a mission is responsible for keeping track of his/her loss on his own counter!
  2. Failed mission, add 5 points to the respawn counter.
  3. Each respawn add 1 to the respawn counter.
  4. If a balloon is destroyed, add 3 to respawn counter.

  1. Minimum of 3 people per team to defend HQ at all times.
  2. Pick up 1 dog tag to leave HQ, return dog tag upon returning and defending HQ.
  3. Weapons and ammunition cache located at HQ and is accessible at any time.

Ammo Limit
  • No ammo limit

Taking a Break
  1. Remember to return dog tag to HQ be fore taking a break.
  2. Players may take a break by assuming hit pose (hands and weapon above head) and exiting to safety zone
  3. When coming back, again assume hit pose and return to HQ to come back into play.
  4. No penalty for taking breaks but require commander approval

  1. Same medic rules as regular games
  2. Only 2 medics per team.
  3. Medics can carry a maximum of 3 bandages.
  4. Max two bandages can be applied to each patient.

  • Respawn at HQ or Remote Respawn Base by adding one to the respawn counter, remember to drop off any bandages at this point.

  1. Each mission can only executed once, regardless of outcome.
  2. Mission orders must come from Commander and overseen by a mission team leader.
  3. Missions have a 10 minute time limit, next mission can only be kicked off 10 minutes after the previous one finished (or failed)
  4. If the commander does not receive an update on the mission by the 10 minute mark, the mission is a failure.
  5. Missions have to be conducted in serial (i.e. cannot conduct two missions at the same time)

Mission : Breach Perimeter/Pop the Balloons
  1. Friendly: 6 balloons marking opponent HQ Perimeter must be destroyed by BB shots.
  2. Friendly: Team lead must report back to Attackers HQ on success or failure (10 min time limit). Commander adds 5 points if mission failed. (future balloon pops do no count once 10 min time limit is up)
  3. Opponents: Each balloon burst is 3 points to respawn counter

Mission : Setup Remote Respawn Base
  1. Friendly: Setup remote respawn base at pre-determined fort within 10 minute window
  2. Friendly: "Setup" is defined as having two balloons and respawn counter taped to inside wall of the base within 10 minute mission window
  3. Friendly: Respawn possible at remote base as long as balloons remain intact (regardless of 10 minute time limit)
  4. Friendly: Base does not need to be monitored
  5. Opponents: Objective is to find and destroy balloons inside other team's respawn base - if accomplished, you claim the respawn counter (do not add any clicks, but take note of what the current number is!)
  6. 10 clicks will be added to respawn counter AT END OF GAME if claimed by opponents

Mission : Assassinate Opposition Commander
  1. Friendly: Commander appoints 1 person as spy and changes that person's armband to opponent color
  2. Friendly: Mission failed if spy dies before opposition commander is killed (Friendly commander to add 5 points for failing mission)
  3. Friendly: If mission is a success, spy has to inform assassinated commander of the mission so that assassinated commander can add 5 points for dying (Commander cannot count as a respawn!!).

Mission : Plant the Bomb
  1. Friendly: Goal is to transport and plant bomb at predetermined opponent structure.
  2. Friendly: Once bomb is placed inside opponent structure, set timer for three minutes.
  3. Friendly: Once bomb is set, you must maintain watch (either staying directly with the bomb or watch from a distance) to ensure three minute counter is complete.
  4. Friendly: Bomb is dropped on floor if transporter is killed, teammates can pick it up to continue mission.
  5. Friendly: Mission fails if opponent retrieves bomb and brings back to opponent HQ
  6. Friendly: Mission fails if opponent successfully defuses bomb.

Mission : Rescue the Hostage
  1. Commander to keep track success or failure of this mission carefully! At the end of the campaign, if the team doesn’t successfully rescue the hostage, add 5xPoints the respawn counter.
  2. First come first served mission. Whoever who can rescue the hostage within 10 minutes of the mission wins.
  3. A successful mission is bringing the hostage back to base.


  1. ミッションに失敗したチームのコマンダーは、その失点をカウンターで記録しなければならない。
  2. ミッションに失敗したら、カウンターに5点を加える。
  3. リスポーン1回につき、カウンターに1点を加える。
  4. 風船を割られたら、カウンターに3点を加える。

  1. チームのうち最低3人は、常時HQを守る。
  2. HQを離れる時はドッグタグを1つ取る。HQに戻り、HQを守るときはドッグタグを返す。
  3. 武器類とBB弾はHQに置いておき、いつでも使うことができる。

  • 制限なし

  1. 休憩を取る前にドッグタグをHQに戻すこと。
  2. 休憩を取りたい時はヒットポーズをとったまま、セーフティエリアまで戻ること。
  3. ゲームに戻るときはヒットポーズをとったまま、HQまで戻る。
  4. 休憩はペナルティーなしで取れるが、コマンダーの承認が必要。

  1. 通常ルールと同様のルールで行う。
  2. 1チームにつき、メディックは2名だけ。
  3. メディックは最大3つまでのバンデージを携帯できる。
  4. 負傷者1名につき2つまでのバンデージを使用できる。

  • HQまたはリモート・リスポーン・ベースのカウンターに1点を加えてリスポーンする。この時、バンデージをそこに返すこと。

  1. どのミッションも結果の成否を問わず、実行できるのは一度だけ。
  2. ミッションはコマンダーの指示で始めなければならず、ミッションチームリーダーがこれを監督する。
  3. ミッションの制限時間は15分。次のミッションは前のミッションが完了(失敗)してから15分経過後でないと始められない。
  4. もし、15分経過時点までにコマンダーがミッションの経過報告を受けられなかった場合、ミッションは失敗とみなす。
  5. ミッションは1つずつ実行しなければならない。(2つのミッションを同時に行うことはできない。)

  1. 味方側:相手側HQの防衛ラインに設置されている6つの風船をエアガンによるショットで割らなければならない。
  2. 味方側:チームリーダーは成否を問わず、15分以内に味方側HQに結果を報告しなければならない。ミッションに失敗したら、コマンダーはカウンターに5ポイントを加える。15分経過後に風船が割られてもカウントしない。
  3. 相手側:風船が割られたら、1つにつきカウンターに3点を加える。

  1. 味方側:指定された砦へ15分以内にリスポーンポイントを設置する。
  2. 味方側:10分以内に風船2つとリスポーンカウンターを砦の壁の内側にテープで留められれば設置とみなす。
  3. 味方側:風船が割れずに残っている限りリモート・リスポーン・ベースでリスポーンできる。
  4. 味方側:ベースは監視される必要はない。
  5. 相手側:目的は相手チームのリモート・リスポーン・ベースにある風船を見つけて破壊すること。うまくいった場合はカウンターを奪うこと。(得点は追加せず、その時点での得点を覚えておく)
  6. 味方側:15分以内に設置できない場合は、リスポーンカウンターに5点を加える。ミッション終了時にベースを相手側に奪われている場合は、リスポーンカウンターに10点を加える。

  1. 味方側:コマンダー1名スパイを指名する。スパイは相手チームの色のアームバンドに交換する。
  2. 味方側:相手側のコマンダーを暗殺する前にスパイがヒットされた場合、ミッションは失敗。味方側のコマンダーはカウンターに5ポイントを加える。
  3. 味方側:ミッションに成功した場合、スパイは暗殺されたコマンダーに5ポイントを加えるように伝えなければならない。(コマンダーはリスポーンとしてカウントできない)

  1. 味方側:目的は指定された相手側の構造物まで爆弾を運び、設置すること。
  2. 味方側:相手側の構造物に爆弾を設置したら、タイマーを3分に設定する。
  3. 味方側:爆弾を設置したら、3分経過を確かめるために時間を管理しなければならない。(爆弾の設置場所で待機するか、または離れたところから監視する。)
  4. 味方側:爆弾の運び手がヒットされたら、その場に爆弾を置く。味方チームのメンバーは、それを拾ってミッションを継続できる。
  5. 味方側:相手チームが落ちている爆弾を拾って、相手側のHQまで戻った場合、ミッションは失敗。
  6. 味方側:相手チームが爆弾のカウントダウンを停止した場合、ミッションは失敗。

  1. コマンダーはミッションの成否を注意深く把握すること。キャンペーンゲームの終了時点で人質の救出に成功しなかった場合、カウンターに5ポイントを加える。
  2. 早い者勝ちのミッション。ミッション開始から15分以内に人質を救出したチームの勝ち。
  3. ミッションに成功した場合、人質を基地まで連れて帰れる。
I can't ... Because I will be in Denver, COLORADO that week...
argh....... I'll be back in Tokyo at 14th September....

too bad...
I'm in, my wife has given me permission even though it's our anniversary the day before :-)
Hey guys,

I'm back in Japan for a few months, and I might go to this game - once I decide if I'll get another gun or just ask Amazona or Ronald to lend me one from their considerable arsenal while I'm here. Big Grin Will sign up when sure.
Hey that's great! Welcome back Hazard! Round up more of the guys 'cos we have both fields!! Let's make this huge!
I'm in. Bring the pain!!!!!!
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
will be abroad. Next time.
Q, trying to get some beginners to this game, but a big question just showed up: Does Splash have rental gear?!

I can probably bring at least 4 people, but none of them will have any gear... please advise!
Splash does have rental gear.
The prices are as follows...

500 yen for a BDU Jacket/Pants (hompage doesn't indicate if this price is for each item or the set)
500 Yen for a mesh type full face goggle
2,500 Yen for a rental gun. Only AK Spetsnaz are available. This includes one 250 round hi-cap and a battery.

They don't rent boots or hats, etc.

Hope this helps.
You're awesome, I'll French-kiss you next time!
combien il est passionnant. Sans la langue s'il vous plaît
C'mon guys! This is going to be our first autumn game (ok, so technically September 12 is still summer) - temps shouldn't be too bad, so for all those that were waiting out the summer heat, please hit up the sign-up sheet here:

We're building in the feedback from recent games and will be running a mix of 'standard' games (capture the flag, center flag, attack/defend) as well as a scenario/campaign style game. We'll do our best to get the scenario game details online as soon as possible, but it may not be available for another week or two (as we're still getting feedback from the SEAL's game).
All signed up. Have we thought about reaching out to some other teams to try and fill out the numbers?
(18-08-2010, 04:08 AM)Drifter Wrote: All signed up. Have we thought about reaching out to some other teams to try and fill out the numbers?

We are trying to do just that (reach out to other teams to help with numbers). The 7 guests next to my name are actually some of the same guys that came to Village 1 in July (ie, the day an M4 took a tour of the JR train system). Tongue

Still following up with a few others...

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