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[COMPLETED] CIMAX (B Field) - Saturday October 9th
No it doesn't include him. I have only gathered numbers from the sign-up sheet. That is the official sign-up record. It is hard to keep track of sign-ups, meals, and rentals if members aren't using the sign-up sheet...

He can jump on and sign-up , or someone can add him as their guest. Do you want to add him as your guest Q?

Is there a chance we could get both fields?
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]
Sadly no, the 2nd field is booked. That is part of the reason I am capping this game at 30.

The November game will be full field at Village One, so let's get 40-50 out for that one Smile

I just checked and the cancellation deadline for this game has passed, so we can't cancel and book elsewhere.
We will just have to make due with the smaller field.

I wish we could get a better idea of numbers for our games. Last few have been smaller numbers so we haven't been able to rent the bigger fields. As soon as we get a half field, we end up getting a big sign-up Smile
All, the calendar signup is -DOWN-. As such any updates (cancellations, modifications, additions), can we please go back to the old style of signing up?? i.e. just post your updates here.

I'll see how I can get the calendar signups working again soon.
Looks like a forum upgrade deleted the game day sign-up sheet.

Please leave sign-up changes in this thread for now.
Thank you.

Name Camo rental Lunch Guests

Akira - ACU - No - Yes(7) - 6
Emiko - ACU - No - Yes(8) - 7
GingaNinga - MC - No - No - Junya, +1
Kenzie - DPM or MTP - No - Yes - 0
KiwiGlen - MC - No - No - 0
Magnet - PMC - No - yes(2) - Kendawg
Ndegeocello - MC - No - Yes - 0
Q - MC - No - Yes - 0
Ron - MC - No - Yes(2) - 1
Rooboy - MC - No - No - 0
Slakka - ACU - No - Yes - 0
Tobo - DPM - No - Yes - 0

Please add all new sign-ups or changes to your info in this thread.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
(29-09-2010, 06:36 PM)GingaNinga Wrote: but Kenzie has said he might not play.

It might be playable without trouble.

Great Kenzie,
I hope you can join us.
I'm not sure how to complete the booking - the page appears more or less blank?

I want to sign up the following, everyone having lunch:

Daniel Hebberd
Toby Memmott
Andy Wu
Herman Douglas
John Shields - Renting Gun/Gear
Kenjie Mojar - Renting Gun/Gear
Raul Vega - Renting Gun
Marvin Cansanay - Renting Gun/Gear
Prashanth Samala - Renting Gun/Gear
Really sorry but we have a 30 person limit on for this game as we only have a half field at CIMAX.
There are 29 signed up already, so we have room for 1 or 2 max.

I hate turning away a big group like yours, but the half field and games planned just won't support 40 players.

We have a full field that will handle 40+ booked for the November game.
I hope your group can join us then.

Again, very sorry.
BTW, the signup plugin works now. However, Ginga has removed it from the thread. Can you please put it back in?
Yup, will re-link it.

thanks for fixing it.
Can we leave my group as tentative, pending cancellations then - its taken quite a lot of effort to organize everyone, so as you can imagine everyone is extremely keen to play.

Also note that Tobo - Toby Memmott is listed in your previous list of participants - so he is already counted.

I also noticed that Kenzie may not play, so there is likely an extra space there.

I can appreciate the effort it takes to organise a group of people and am sorry that we don't have room for your team in this game.

Another option might be to have your group hit another field, as there are a couple that are open. I considered booking another field when Tobo asked about getting full field, but the deadline to cancel had passed.

Right now there are a couple fields that are still available. If you like I can help you with a booking or pass along the details about the open fields.

Slakka from my previous list is also previously signed up, so the list from me is as follows:

Daniel Hebberd
Herman Douglas
John Shields - Renting Gun/Gear
Kenjie Mojar - Renting Gun/Gear
Raul Vega - Renting Gun
Marvin Cansanay - Renting Gun/Gear
Prashanth Samala - Renting Gun/Gear
Thanks for the updated info Ghost, but that list still takes us over 30, which is the limit I have set for this game.

If Tobo and Slakka want to drop out to join another game that you organise with your group, then I completely understand. They have, however, followed the protocols for this game, and have signed up to play so are welcome to join us.

If we have some people drop out of this game I will be sure to let you know, but at this point there is room on the sign-up for only 1 or 2 more players.

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