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[COMPLETED] CIMAX (B Field) - Saturday October 9th
Great. Thank you for the updates Emiko.
I think more people will sign-up as we get closer to the day (I hope).

Ndegeocello, glad you can make it.
Was that you doing all the yelling at Splash last week ?

Looking forward to it.

No, I was not yelling.
I'm sorry, but you're confusing me with someone else.
Sorry Ndegeocello. I couldn't see who it was, only hear them Smile
Was Jinn and me - trying to get our support crew fired up!! Big Grin
did it work Ben?
(15-09-2010, 03:11 PM)kiwiglen Wrote: did it work Ben?

Considering I got shot in the face repeatedly by your team, I'm going to go with no Tongue

Prop's to Jinn though, he does a good "Tom Siezmore in a war movie" impression.
I updated my guest count to 5. These 5 people are confirmed. There are 2 to 4 people that still want to attend, but can only confirm their schedules at a more later date (due to work, etc.). Will update my guest list accordingly.

I assume that you have enough people attending this game that you don't have to cancel, correct??

You and JINN-san yelling... sounds real fun!
Hi Emiko,
Thanks for updating your guest list. I think we will be OK to hold this game as planned.
I will post game details in the next few days.

Are your guests new to Airsoft or are they veterans?
See you at the game Smile
As usual, let me know if U need help.
Thanks Q.
Glad you can make it to this one, as you mentioned you weren't sure if you could or not.
Hi guys, I'm pretty much confirmed I can't make this one - will be overseas on business.

Hope you all have a good day out on the field!
That's too bad Psycho.
Are any of your guests interested in coming? You can pass along my details if they want to contact me? I know it's a Saturday, but if any of them are available we are happy to host them.
I had let them know about the game, but many are Sunday only, so not sure if any will be able to join. I'll follow-up and let you know if any are interested.
I updated signup sheet that I'll bring my friend "Ishijima."
Please check it out and put him into the same team of me because he is new to airsoft and I'll need to take care of him.
Thanks Ron,
I will make sure you are on the same team.

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