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[COMPLETED] CIMAX (B Field) - Saturday October 9th

We have started to make fall bookings. After a really fun game here in April, we have decided to go back to CIMAX.

Sign-Up Sheet is back.


Organizer: TKOverkill
Date: Saturday, October 9th 2010
Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: CIMAX (B Field)
Address: 〒270-1615 千葉県印旛郡印旛村師戸(もろと)2300
Access Map:
GPS: Longitude - 140.11.18E Latitude: 35.45.50N

Cost: 3,000 yen
Lunch: Please specify when signing up.

フィールドの住所:〒270-1615 千葉県印旛郡印旛村師戸(もろと)2300

[RULES / ルール]

For Newcomers :
For English Rules :



TKO Cancellation Deadline: 30th July 2010

Minimum: 12 people

Fields impose strict cancellation policies on organizers, and with good reason as no-shows will cause fields loss of income. We are propagating their policies to our players. We ask that players consider schedules carefully before confirming attendance. If you cancel after the specified deadline, please be prepared to pay the full attendance fee.



Please work together to sort out transportation. Let's try to carpool and share taxis, etc. The field is not walking distance form the station. The closest station is Keisei Usui station ( 京成臼井駅 )

[SIGN UP / 参加するには]

If attending please read through the rules and use the sign-up form to register for the game. Please include:
- Name
- Camo type
- Rental / Lunch details
- Number of guests you plan to bring along


---------- Confirmed ----------
1. GingaNinga
2. Junya
3. ThunderMidget
4. KiwiGlen
5. Yuki
6. Magnet
7. Kendawg (Magnet Guest)
8. Anarchy
9. Spectre (Anarchy Guest)
10. Drifter
11. Rooboy
12. Ghost
13. Slakka
14. Herman Douglas
15. John Shields - Renting Gun/Gear
16. Kenjie Mojar - Renting Gun/Gear
17. Raul Vega - Renting Gun/Gear
18. Prashanth Samala - Renting Gun/Gear

Team Bravo
1. Akira
2. Akira Guest
3. Akira Guest
4. Akira Guest
5. Akira Guest
6. Akira Guest
7. Akira Guest
8. Emiko
9. Emiko Guest
10. Emiko Guest
11. Emiko Guest
12. Emiko Guest
13. Emiko Guest
14. Emiko Guest
15. Emiko Guest
16. Ron
17. Ron Guest
18. Ndegeocello
19. Kenzie

Sign-Up Sheet Here


.pdf   CIMAX.Oct9.pdf (Size: 51.29 KB / Downloads: 27)


.pdf   CIMAX.Oct9.Ja.pdf (Size: 522.49 KB / Downloads: 21)
Signing up faster than he gets shot in the face, Ycare strikes again!

Ah, that's the place we got with full field last time, right? Any possibility we get full field again if the sign up is large enough? I remember the B field not being that big for 16~20 peeps. Just asking ^^
It will cost another 35,000 yen to get the full field. If we don't get good numbers that would make it VERY expensive.
Last time we booked A field and none booked B field so they let us use it for an extra 25,000. We used the admin fee and everyone paid another 750 yen or something like if noone signs up for A field than we might be able to get it again. They also request that we have 40 people to book A and B. Will see what happens.

B Field is the lower one, with the fort, bridge, valley, etc. I think it is the bigger of the two sides.
Goddamit... I was gonna bring like 3~4 people from my work to this game but Naomi just planed a trip to Okinawa on that weekend, so I guess I'll have to be out that one and bring my co-workers at the next one...

Sorry, wished I could be a two places at once...
Sorry you can't make it Y.

Only 2 people signed up for this game.
Going to have to cancel if there isn't some interest by this time next week.
Filled out signup sheet.
Akira and I are planning on bringing friends to this game. I will update the guest column when the number of people becomes more concrete.

YCare-san, too bad that you can't make it to this one. Look forward to seeing you next!
Looks like I might be out of the country on business, but if that gets cancelled or timing moved, I'll sign up.
I might be away that weekend
Sorry bro
When is the signup-deadline for this game?
Hi Emiko,
I really need to confirm some numbers in the next few days.
If we have less than 10 people than I need to cancel soon.
Do you still have a group coming?
If not, I will cancel this game because we don't have the numbers right now.

If we don't have 10 confirmed by this Friday I am going to have to cancel the game.
I just signed this the place where I need to use only Green or Brown BB's?
Thanks for signing up Q.
This is the place where Ben first came out with us. Where gunsmith had his crazy gun.
Will confirm, but I think just bio BBs will be OK.
Having the same problem with Ycare here... will have to choose between flight training at Saitama or playing airsoft on that weekend...
I signed up for this game. I'm looking forward to it.
I'll confirm by this Thursday (at the latest) the number of people Akira and I are bringing to this game. As per the signup sheet, I am bringing 4 guests; thus making it 11 people attending this game.

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