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[SOLD] TM M14 SOCOM and Gerber Modular Pack
I'm selling the following items:

1) M14 SOCOM which includes 6 regular mags, 1 hi-cap mag, 3000mAH 8.4V battery and rail (for optics) for 27,000yen. Used it only once during IRENE 10 and never see the field anymore, still in pristine condition.

[Image: M14a.jpg?t=1280660655]
camo (jute) is still attached but it could be removed.

Flash hider was lost and replaced with the one from my M4
[Image: M14flashhider.jpg?t=1280660655]

2) Gerber Kenai Modular Hunt Pack Realtree Camo for 6,000yen (original price is USD150). It is convertible into large pack, small pack, lanrge+small pack or lumbar pack.

Bought a year ago but never used even once
[Image: 31M2LVLeJIL.jpg]

I could give both for 31,000yen
Sorry for super necro post. I PM'd this seller about 6 months ago but no reply. Does anyone know him?

Anyone have an M14 Socom for sale?
I know him, he is studying at Tokyo university trying to get his PhD, maybe he's too busy with his dissertation. I will try to contact him.
Thanks, I would appreciate that. I imagine he sold the M14, but if not please have him contact me.
Got in touch with him today. But the gun was already sold.
Thanks. I figured he had probably sold it already.
Appreciate you looking into it for me.
Guess this thread can be closed Smile

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