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[COMPLETED] TKO: SEALS Field B, Saturday 14th August, 2010
I've PMed this to all attendees of this game but in case others would like to know, here's the message I sent to all game attendees :-


Thank you for coming to the game this Saturday. There's some prep work to be done before you attend the games :-

1) Those who remember SEALs in May, they charge for armbands if you don't have any. So preferably if you have armbands, please bring them. We'll stick to the colours Red and Yellow for this game so please bring both if possible (I've not sorted out the teams yet).

2) We'll be playing 60 min campaign games however a twist from previous TKO games. Instead of a 300 hi-cap limit, this Saturday there'll be no-cap. It's left up to each player to decide what kind of magazine and how much you want to carry with you. The motivation to this exception for this Saturday's game only is :-

a) to try the opposite to what TKO 300 hi-cap limit is, and see if it makes a significant difference to the game or not.
b) to allow players to decide on their own playing style rather than control it by setting restrictions

So if you want to use lots of hi-caps, that's up to you. If you want to stick to mid/low caps, it's also up to you. In the end we'll review to see if it makes a big difference to game play and the bottom line of what's more fun for majority of players.

Please reply to me only if you want to express any questions/concerns/suggestions.
Does anyone have a single mp5 pouch in CB or Tan that I could borrow on Saturday? I need something about 20 cm long.
Please see OP. The Campaign Game details & team designations have been posted.
(11-08-2010, 07:47 PM)GingaNinga Wrote: Does anyone have a single mp5 pouch in CB or Tan that I could borrow on Saturday? I need something about 20 cm long.
so a black single mp5 pouch would totally throw off your ability to blend in with the surroundings?
ExclamationRight in the clacker!
You mentioned that the Time is from 8:30 - 18:00. What time will the briefing etc start? Trying to figure out train times. Thanks
Briefing for Team Leads start 9:00 am, for other team members at 9:15 am
I'll see you guys tomorrow at 8:30AM!
Thumbs Up 
Sure. Got my armbands so prep was done!

(13-08-2010, 04:15 PM)Q Wrote: Briefing for Team Leads start 9:00 am, for other team members at 9:15 am
Looking forward to this, bought a new pistol and I am dying to field it! See you all tomorrow!
See you all there! Remember to buy plenty of fluids, it's gonna be a warm day!
Was a good game, sweated like crazy, but it was fun!
Thanks a lot for the organization!
As always, thanks to the organizers for this one, had a lot of fun! My new pistol worked great, and my carbine didn't go for a tour of Tokyo without me! Hurray!
Thank you all for coming today, I hope you all had a good time. It was definitely a hot day but as usual we kept a fast TKO pace :-).
Thanks for the games everyone. A good time indeed, but hot! I don't think I will ever get the smell out of my gear Smile
A big thank you to Q for organizing and to the 4 Team Leaders that stepped up throughout the day.

I wanted to make a general observation about the day. As many of you know Rooboy, ThunderMidget, KiwiGlen, and myself all work together in the same company...3 of us actually share an office, and the other is next door. As such, we know each other pretty well, and we enjoy using airsoft as a way to improve our team work and communication skills. We had some really good games today, where we moved well as a group, and communicated and co-ordinated our objectives. We all have radios, with earphones and throat mikes, and this really helps, except for rooboy who has a problem with mumbling Smile

My point is that I think having a group of guys that you get along well with and can create a cell with, be it two, three, or four man, really changes the dynamic of the game. It becomes that much more interesting to work as a group and work together to achieve objectives, etc. If you can find some folks on TKO that you can do that with I would recommend it. Find a group and request that you always be on the same team, invest in radios (if you want), and work on team play, group movement, etc, etc. It's alot of fun.

Thanks again for an enjoyable day.
Yeah, throat mics and (Japanese) radio is something I'm seriously considering. But with Brandon almost gone on my side, I don't know who would be up to start a small team since I play quite often and we shouldn't have too much different playing pace.

Nevertheless, even without fancy mics and communication, I still kicked some of your butt team Ginga Wink

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