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[COMPLETED] TKO: SEALS Field B, Saturday 14th August, 2010
Does that traffic forecast, which is very cool bye the way, take into consideration that it will be the turn around peak rush for people coming back from Obon? That is my only real concern. I know you do alot of driving Psycho, so you are probably right, but it is usually a 3 hour drive back from games from Chiba for me...I am guessing on that particular day it will be closer to 4 or I will be on the train Smile

I will be interested to see how it goes for drivers.
(04-08-2010, 10:30 PM)psycho Wrote: Traffic forecast here:

Useful link! Too bad it doesn't show the Shutoko at the same time ^^
Hi Guys,
The traffic forecast is usually pretty good with regard to factoring the holiday rush periods. For instance, if you try a different Saturday, the red zones are shorter.

Main site:

Ycare - I thought they used to show Shutokou on the same site, but can't find it (hard to tell as I'm just on my phone right now, not a full browser). I do know Shutokou has this site with traffic forecasts (not sure on the reliability as I usually only use the Jartic site):
Family situation back in the motherland is cleared up, Great Success! That said, I can now join you guys (and gals?) sweating it out on the field. Look forward to seeing you next week!
Awesome, the more, the painfullier Big Grin
Count me in! (Just me, my friends have all abandoned me Big Grin ) At last my Wife is taking the kids to the inlaws again so I'm FREE !!!! (for a week or so)

No bolt action this time, the scope is going back on the M4 so I can do some damage.
Paul Dwyer

Aussie in Chiba !
Drifter - awesome - hopefully no issues on the way out and you can get the full day in. Tongue

pdwyer - glad you got some freedom for a bit and can make it out! One thing - can you please sign up at the link below?
Done! Thanks, that's a new little tool! Nice
Paul Dwyer

Aussie in Chiba !
(05-08-2010, 09:06 PM)psycho Wrote: Drifter - awesome - hopefully no issues on the way out and you can get the full day in. Tongue

Bah, I am seriously contemplating just tying a bungie cord to my gun bag and attaching it to my leg so I'll trip and smash my face before leaving it behind again.Angry
Hi all,

So if you've not used the signup sheet, please do so here or you will not be counted in for the game :-

I'm trying to plan for the games and numbers now & will use the signup sheet as authoritive.
Will attend! (Sorry for the late sign-up.)
I have filled out the sign-up sheet. Kenzie-san has signed me in, but, he'll be removing me and Akira from his guest column later.
I will be attending this game.
Filled out the sign-up sheet.
As per Emiko's posting above, Kenzie-san will later remove my name from his guest list as well.
I did update a sign-up sheet .

Q> Please check PM.

See you on the field!!
Got it...thx!!
Welcome back Emiko and Akira. Look forward to seeing you at another TKO Game.
We have good numbers for this game. Going to be a good time!

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