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[COMPLETED] TKO: SEALS Field B, Saturday 14th August, 2010
Summer game in a wooded environment.

AUGUST - Outdoors / Wooded

NEW: Sign-up sheet now available here!

Organizer : TKOverkill
Date : Saturday, 14th August 2010
Time : 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Location : Survival Game Field Seals (B field)
Field Address : Kokurachou 1336, Wakaba-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba-ken, 264-0007
Field Tel :043-233-3328 / 080-5186-1984 (AM9:00~PM8:00)
Access Map:
Cost : Y3000 (Game Y2500, TKO Admin Fee Y500)
Lunch : 500 Yen

フィールドの住所:〒264-0007 千葉県千葉市若葉区小倉町1336番地
フィールドの電話:043-233-3328 / 080-5186-1984 (AM9:00~PM8:00)
料金:3000円 (Game 2500円, TKO Admin Fee 500円)
昼食: 500円

Rules / ルール

For Newcomers :
For English Rules :

日本語のルールは :

Planned Games / ゲームの流れ

Campaign Details

Map: (Field B)

Point System
- Commander who loses a mission is responsible for keeping track of his/her loss on his own counter!
- Failed mission, add 5 points to the respawn counter.
- Each respawn add 1 to the respawn counter.
- If a balloon is destroyed, add 3 to respawn counter.

Q (Flag 3 & Flag 8)
- Minimum of 4 people per team to defend HQ at all times.
- Pick up 1xdog tag to leave HQ, return dog tag upon returning and defending HQ.
- Weapons and ammunition cache located at HQ and is accessible at any time.

Ammo Limit
- No ammo limit

Taking a Break
- Remember to return dog tag to HQ be fore taking a break.
- Players may take a break by assuming hit pose (hands and weapon above head) and exiting to safety zone
- When coming back, again assume hit pose and return to HQ to come back into play.
- No penalty for taking breaks - but require commander approval

- Same medic rules as regular games
- Only 2 medics per team.
- Medics can carry a maximum of 3 bandages.
- Max two bandages can be applied to each patient.

- Respawn at HQ by adding one to the respawn counter, remember to drop off any bandages at this point.

- Each mission can only executed once, regardless of outcome.
- Mission orders must come from Commander and overseen by a mission team leader.
- Missions have a 10 minute time limit, next mission can only be kicked off 10 minutes after the previous one finished (or failed)
- If the commander does not receive an update on the mission by the 10 minute mark, the mission is a failure.
- Missions have to be conducted in serial

Mission : Breach Perimeter/Pop the Balloons
- 6 balloons mark HQ perimeter.
- Balloons must be destroyed by being shot by BB's.
- Each balloon burst is 3 points to respawn counter.
- If mission incomplete, Commander adds 5 point to respawn counter.
- Commander keeps track of when his balloons are popped - if mission is over (i.e. after 10 mins) and there are remaining balloons left, future balloon pops DO NOT COUNT.
- sub-team lead must report back to their Commander the success or failure of this mission. If incomplete, Commander add 5 points.

Mission : Capture the Fort (Impregnable Fort)
- Capture means successfully having 1 balloon taped to the inner wall manned by minimum 1 member of the building for 10 mins.
- This balloon pop does -not- require 3 penalty points.
- Sub team lead must time and report back to the Commander on success or failure.
- If balloon is popped, backup balloon must be blown and taped to the inner wall ASAP.
- The team loses if :-
a) the clock strikes 10 min and no balloon is on the wall (regardless if the fort is manned by 1 or more members)
b) the clock strikes 10 min, the balloon remains but the last member is shot (unmanned fort)
- The opponent team can begin their Capture The Fort mission if they kill off the occupants of the fort and pop their balloon but this requires :-
a) The commander to be out on the field attacking the fort to make that decision
b) The commander has to ensure there is no other mission being played by his team simultaneously.

Mission : Assassinate Opposition Commander
- Appoint 1 person as spy, change armband to opponent colour
- Mission failed if spy dies before opposition commander is killed (own commander to add 5 points for failing mission)
- If mission is a success, spy has to inform assassinated commander of the mission so that he can add 5 points for dying (Commander cannot count as a respawn!!).

Mission : Plant the Bomb
- Commander to keep track success or failure of this mission carefully! 5xPoints to be added to opponent's clicker AT THE END OF CAMPAIGN
- Transport and plant bomb at one of predetermined opponent structures.
- Ensure bomb counts down from 3 minutes. (kitchen timer)
- Bomb is dropped on floor if transporter is killed, teammates can pick it up to continue mission.
- Mission fails if opponent retrieves bomb and brings back to opponent HQ
- Mission fails if opponent successfully defuses bomb.

Cancellation Policy / 取消規定

TKO Cancellation Deadline : 30th July 2010
欠席締め切り : 2010年7月30日

Minimum: 14 people

Fields impose strict cancellation policies on us organizers, and with good reason as no-shows will cause them losses of income. Hence we are propagating the policy to our players. We ask that players consider your schedules carefully before confirming your attendance. If you cancel after the specified deadline, please be prepared to pay the full attendance fee.


Transportation / 移動手段

Please sort our transportation amongst yourselves.

The name of the closest station is 千城台北駅 (ChishirodaiKita) on the Chiba monorail. It is an easy 10 minute walk from the station. Here is a Google map with walking route highlighted.


Attendees (Campaign Team Lead in brackets)

1) Ginga
2) Junya
3) RooBoy
4) ThunderMidget
5) KiwiGlen
7) Ndegeocello/Nobu-san
8) Ron (Team Lead Afternoon)
9) Ruiko
10) Psycho (Team Lead Morning)
11) Q

1) Kenzie (Team Lead Morning)
2) Kenya
3) Poncho
4) Akira
5) Emiko
6) Drifter
7) Chuckles (Team Lead Afternoon)
8) tifast
9) Ycare
10) Pdwyer
11) Shu/Shuhei

NEW: Sign-up sheet now available here!
Yet again, faster than an over powered BB, Ycare signs up for the next game, craving for it like a 6 years old on a sugar high craving for gummy bears.
Wish there were 20 more just like you Smile
Mission control has approved. I'm in.
I'm about to put a ban on YCare on attending the games unless he brings girls with him.
arrrgh.... definitely want to go.....

It's summer holiday, time for fun with capital F....

but..... I'll be back in Indonesia T_T
got to skip this one
(14-06-2010, 10:08 PM)Q Wrote: I'm about to put a ban on YCare on attending the games unless he brings girls with him.

Maybe we can get the maid to join? It is her "home" field and all.. Big Grin
(14-06-2010, 10:08 PM)Q Wrote: I'm about to put a ban on YCare on attending the games unless he brings girls with him.

If bringing a girl becomes mandatory I'll cope with it Big Grin
I'm in. Can't wait this after two month hell of studying!
Put me on the list please
We need more people for that game goddamit!
looks good for me
Wanna sign up on the signup sheet then please?
I wish I could join here to see how Ycare manage his girls in the field Big Grin but Saturdays are not possible for me...Undecided
I will try to make it guys..It will be my last game if I can then it's off to Socal
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