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TM SOPMOD CQB Outer Barrel
I took apart ThunderMidget's TM CQB M4 today in order to put a black PWS Diablo on it, and we discovered that the outer barrel that comes with the diablo won't fit the SOPMOD frame. The TM barrel is cut differently.

We considered placing the Diablo over the TM barrel, but the original barrel is 10" whereas the Diablo is a 7" CQb model.

Does anyone know where we can get a 7" outer barrel that is compatible with the new generation SOPMODS?

Check out They have 9" but I don't know if they have a 7". Otherwise, you'll need a custom job (get Air-borne to cut/rethread it).

In general there's very little 3rd party parts for the new TM design.
Hey Q,
Thanks for that...
have you ordered from them before?

I found this on that site

It seems to be a 7 inch for PMC sized short kits.
Can someone confirm.

We have a 229 mm inner barrel and it seems that is what they recommend in their documentation.

Any help would be great.
Never dealt with them (based in Osaka). But they appear to be big-ish advertising in Arms regularly. I can't read so guess someone else to confirm.
I ordered it yesterday and will report back on how it works out.
Thanks Q and Kenzie for your help.

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