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New Madbull Airsoft inner barrels 6.01mm in longer lengths
Most of you may know that PDI Japan ( will sell 6.01mm only up to a certain length. Beyond that, it's export only. A few years ago I had to trouble my ex-wife back in Oz by shipping her a PDI 6.01mm in an extended length only for her to ship it back to me. Not to mention PDI's in general are expensive.

Now we can have Madbull's 6.01mm in various lengths :-

Mad Bull Ultimate 6.01x229mm Tight Bore Barrel
Mad Bull Ultimate 6.01x247mm Tight Bore Barrel
Mad Bull Ultimate 6.01x363mm Tight Bore Barrel
Mad Bull Ultimate 6.01x509mm Tight Bore Barrel

And the prices are way way cheaper than PDI's. Only thing, I don't know if these will have the same coating at the older Madbull Black Python Inner Barrels.

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