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Spring Guide
Here is a spring guide i found on a different site, i cannot take credit for this guide.

Spring Comparison Chart
SystemA, Guarder, Prometheus, PDI, Angel, Top Power
These springs were tested on a Tokyo Marui P90 TR using the following equipment, upgrades and conditions:

BB: Excel 0.20g
Piston: SystemA Red Polycarbonate Piston (modified)
Piston Head: SystemA Aluminum w/ Bearings
Cylinder Head: Prometheus
Cylinder: KM TN Taper
Nozzle: SystemA
Spring Guide: Prometheus v2 w/ Bearings
Inner Barrel SystemA 6.04mm BS (335mm)
Chronograph: Shooting Chrony F-1
Average Temperature: 24.54º C
Hop Up: KM Triple Camber RH 55 set OFF

All springs tested were in brand new condition

Your results will vary from these published results. Different upgrades will provide different results. The data contained in this chart should only be used as a reference.

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