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What makes a good review?
I am working on a number of field, gun, and gear reviews.
I am just finishing up the video, but before I post I wanted to ask for your opinion...
What do you look for in a review?
Do you have an interest in real steal history?
Do you prefer factual data or the reviewers subjective opinion?
Do you prefer text over pictures and video?
Do you like details or general over views?
Do you want field tested opinions, or do you like to see the unboxing of a product?

You get the idea. Tell me what you think makes a good review.
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I personally like detailed reviews, with both picture and text, video being a plus.
RS history is irrelevant to me, what matters is the honest matured point of view of the reviewer, e.g. "I like that and that, but am a bit disappointed by that", and not a "this is aWeSomE!!! Buy it!!!".

In a review I expect finding a list of pros and cons, along with the general opinion of the reviewer as if he is disappointed or happy with his purchase, since I might end up in the same situation.
Comparing to similar items is also a big plus to give an idea of the reviewer's objectiveness (if 5 other reviewers says the compared item sux, and the reviewer says the compared item is better than his, than I can easily guess the result).

Hope you see what I mean Smile
Good points.
Thanks for that Ycare.
One thing I find is that often overseas reviews are really focussed on results that we can't achieve here in Japan. All the power upgrades that were done, or power results from propane.
Yeah... I mean accuracy is one thing, along with quality of the hopup, those are good to know since it will decide if some pieces need to be upgraded right out of the box or not. But power depends too much on the spring, and rate of fire on the battery, so it's absolutely not set in stone in anyway.

Quality of the provided gearbox/internals, necessity of upgrades right out of the box, and externals are the main selling points to me that will decide if I want the replica or not. The rest can be modded/tuned ad nauseam.
Question/thought for doing a review. In a review you have all the information you want to provide your readers. With that you need good quality photos, where do you plan on hosting these images and being able to keep them once the persons account is gone. Image shack and other sites only provide you the photo links as long as the account is active.
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Those are good points. I will be hosting on my own site, which i plan on having for as long as I play the sport. Your PDF approach was good, as the images will exist with the file as long as the file has a place to live online...but I guess even that relies on a place hosting it Smile

I wonder how long it will be before you can embed video into a PDF? Or can you do that now? I only have version 8.
Video in pdf? Nope, not possible, and I doubt it will be ever, it's just not meant for that lol...
it looks like it has been introduced in Acrobat 9.

Seems to be a flash tie in.
Wow! I'm impressed they even went there!
I... would not recommend it though, I'm suspecting Acrobat to not keep the original encoding format and using its own, which might result in veeeery large files.
You're better making an archive file which would contain the pdf for text/photo and the separate video.
I agree,
linking or reference files would be much better. I will have to look into this more.
It would be great if you could stream video into Acrobat...and the fact that it is action scriptable opens up some possibilities as well.

Anyway, not completely on topic, but cool all the same.
Out of the reviews i've seen, i like the ones that give you spot on details for stats and specs. i like seeing inner barrel lengths and gearbox info and that sort of stuff. that way i know before i buy it how i'll be able to transform it to my own style of play.

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