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M4 RIS Battery
You can buy it at Gunsmith Baton.
If you wanted to help please send me PM. I will happy to help you. Are you livin' around Tokyo?
Right then. Problem sort of solved. Tested my m4 again with with a standerd battery only for the same thing to happen.

I then open the aeg up, love the ics for that, and had a look. Since I know nothing about the mechanics of the rifle was no better off. Plug the lipo in and pulled the trigger. Aeg worked. Shut the aeg and tried again. Still working.

No idea what I did apart from opening it. Did I free something that was jammed?

Any ideas?

By the way I don't need new batteries or chargers now. Thanks for all the input though, especially to Kenzie for your offer to help me get said equipment.
thanks their
your knowledge of M4 RIS Battery proved to be so useful for me too.

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