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M4 RIS Battery
Does anyone know of a RIS for my ICS M4 that I would be able to actually put the battery inside?

I think you will be able to put inside if you choose the Li-Po battery.
As for my son's TM's M4 RIS, He put the Li-Po battery(7.4V-800mAh 20C) in the RIS.
I am also planning to put the Li-Po in the stock tube for my Hk416.
Thanks for the advice Kenzie, I'll give it a try.


Can you read Arnies? I'm not familiar with ICS but below is my Sopmod with a DD RIS :-

If you can't read, i can put the above into into the TKO Sopmod thread when i get home 2nite.
I have been using the same batteries that kenzie is referring to.
they are made by a company call enRoute, and the batteries seem very good.

You can find the products on Yahoo auction, or at other shops.

Here are some links to the makers' homepages. You may or may not need google translator.
Q, that's exactly what I'm after. Is there any implication with using a Lipo? Will it fry my gearbox or something?
I used a AB-FET from Extreme Fire. Here's another article I put up :-

The DD RIS is so tight that I need to have Air-borne shave off the outer barrel to make room for the FET. As such I can't use the batteries shown by Ginga above too as they are too thick for me. I need a nun-chuck design. I bought my nun-chuck Lipo from Air-Borne but actually they're expensive too. If you can order overseas, this is cheaper :-

Running a 7.4V on your ICS I -think- is ok but I'll take no responsibility Big Grin. It'll give it more like a 9.6V NiMH. If you are comfortable with a 9.6V NiMH, then you should be ok with a 7.4V Lipo. However I also use my AB-FET as a cutoff if my Lipo voltage drops too low. There's somewhat of a "danger point" if the voltage of the Lipo drops too low.

I highly recommend intelligent FETs when using Lipo (not the kinda FETs the JP shops sell).
These pics are Li-Po battery inside RIS of my SR-16.
[Image: DSCN1089.jpg]
[Image: DSCN1094.jpg]
[Image: DSCN1088.jpg]
[Image: DSCN1093.jpg]

Got my Lipo 7.4 back in the UK over the summer. Tested it in my brothers aeg and it worked fine.
Got back to Japan on Thursday, plugged in the battery and charged it using a UK charger/balancers that I used back home with a adapter to fit the plug socket. Left it till it was charged. Plugged it into my m4 and just got a few pathetic whir clicks. M4 does work cause I tested it with an old battery.

Do I need to get a Japan specific charger/balancer?
I think that the you should choose for Japan specific charger/balancer.

Mine is same as the following URL,

That is a reasonable price charger,
I have the same one as you Kenzie. It is an excellent little charger.
(07-06-2010, 08:24 PM)Sarperdon Wrote: Does anyone know of a RIS for my ICS M4 that I would be able to actually put the battery inside?


Hi There,

This is the battery that I used for that gun. I didn't have a problem with the gears or anything.
Can anyone tell me where I could buy one? My Japanese is nil so ordering online would be a problem.
If you have a paypal just get them online (hongkong). The link i gave is good, I got my orders in 4 days.
Sorry, I meant the charger.

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