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[COMPLETED]: Village 1 - July 11
Private game at Village 1 on July 11 - we have two guest teams that we will be playing against / with.

Note that this game will be a private game, but not an "official" TKO event. That said, we will be following standard TKO rules and regulations.

Date: July 11, 2010 - Sunday
Gates open: 0800 ~ 1800 / Games: 0900 ~ 1700

Location: Village 1 (large outdoor wooded field)

Address: Chiba-Ken, Yotsukaido Shi, Yoshioka 1163

Access Map:
Larger Area Map:

Field Price: Y48,000
Per Person: 20 People = Y2,400 per person. If we have less people, the price per person goes up accordingly. If we have more than 20, it will be Y2,400 per additional person above 20.
Cancellation: 2 weeks - If you cancel after the cancellation cutoff, please be prepared to pay your portion of participation fees.

No lunch will be provided - bring your own.

Usual rules apply on eye protection, power limitations etc - please ask if specific questions.

Note this field is very serious about their bio-bb's only rule.

TKO Rules:
For Newcomers :
For English Rules :


1. Psycho
2. Q
3. Tesla Corps
4. ChucklesZeClown
5. ThunderMidget
6. ThunderMidget Guest
7. Psycho Guest 1 M&M
8. Psycho Guest 2 M&M
9. Chicken Hawk
10. Drifter
11. stygo
12. GingaNinga
13. Junya
14. Ryo
15. ace5kills
16. Team 130R
17. Team 130R
18. Team 130R
19. Team 130R
20. Hotel Moscow
21. Hotel Moscow
22. Hotel Moscow
23. Hotel Moscow
24. Hotel Moscow
25. Team ST
26. Team ST
27. Team ST
28. Team ST
29. Team ST
30. Team ST
31. Team ST

Looking forward to it! ^^
Woohoo! Someone else organising a game :-). Yes I'm in!! Thx!
Ycare - always the first to respond to private game threads! Tongue
Q - Thanks - I'm sure we'll be tapping on you for organizational advice! Wink

btw, you're both on the list! Big Grin
Put me down as confirmed
(05-06-2010, 05:49 PM)ChucklesZeClown Wrote: Put me down as confirmed

I am good to go.
Saw some video and it looks like a cool field.

Do they only have 6 players?
Are we going to cap this at 6 vs 6 so that we don't have to share (even though 4,000 yen is a bit steep, we have paid that before for full field at Splash) or will we just add them to our group and mix up the teams? Just curious if this will be true team vs team or kind of team vs team :p
Ginga - thanks for confirming. I'll add... oh wait, you've already added yourself! Big Grin

They only have six. I was actually going to ask you guys the same thing - Team vs Team sounds fun, but was also thinking it would probably be more fun with a few more headcount (even if it means mixing up the teams).

Also was thinking that since this is a private game, wanted to give more TKO guys a chance to join (as opposed to only the five or six of us checking the forums during the last nine hours).

I haven't been to Village 1 yet, but it looks to be decent sized, so may be a factor when thinking about total headcount.

Unless a majority of those signed up want to cap it, I'm going to leave it open for additional joiners for now.

I played village 1 in early may and it was awesome! Has to be one of my favorite fields. The field is way bigger and more overgrown than it shows in the photos. The trenches are great(even with and underground trench) and if you play a capture the flag game its awesome, because the flags are real in a way you would have to draw them up and down a flag pole.

Like I said the field is bigger than it looks. When I played we had 10 players and it was to big for most of the games we tried to play. 15 to 20 players would really make it fun. One side of the field has an advantage over the other side, so be weary of attack and defend games. If anyone has questions please feel free to ask, and I will to the best of my knowledge.

Wiskie T.
how is shading?
I have horrible sun issues and need places to get out of the sun.
There is wooded areas on the left and right side of the field. Complete shade! But down the center of the field the shaded areas are the underground trench, a few trees here and there, along with the 2 man made structures. There is really tall grass down the middle of the field on the upper parts of the trenches.
Cool, thanks for that.
Wiskie T., Thanks for all the information - very helpful!
Village 1 was the first place I ever played Airsoft, and there are a lot of trenches, I had leg muscle ache for like a whole week after, not joking. There are some small tunnels too (pretty cool), a strongly wooded area like Seals, and a more bambooish jungle too. Shade will be present, but the heart of the field is a large open field with trenches, bunkers, and open fields. It's rather large, kinda Seals but maybe a little smaller than the 2 fields together.
Added three from a team Tesla and I met at the Splash public game. Hotel Moscow is a 13 man team of college and highschool students, and they are checking who else can attend on July 11 (in addition to the 3 that are confirmed).

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