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8.4 or 9.6 Battery?
I saw Ginganinga thread on batteries and it got me thinking. Forgive the question as I am sure the more experienced members will think it obvious, but would I be dumb to change my 8.4 battery for a 9.6 in my ICS M4?

The other day at Seals it was coming in at 90 mps, and I was wondering if a more powerful battery would improve that (within legal limits of course) or increase the rate of fire. Or am I just going to wreck my AEG?

What do you think?

Higher voltage only will increase the rate of fire. It basically changes the only electric part of the replica: the motor, by making it spin faster. Since it spins faster, it cycle the spring/piston faster, thus increasing the ROF. Only way to increase output is to make sure the air seals are fine up to the BB (changing piston, air nozzle, hopup bucking, tighter barrel, etc...), and the spring itself (easier change honestly, although securing the airflow brings steadiness and accuracy).

When the ROF increases, it brings more stress on the gears and gearbox as a whole, therefore breaking it faster.

That simple.
Changing your batteries to 9.6V won't increase your power but it will increase rate of fire (ROF). Your power joulage is determined primarily by your spring, and to a smaller extend other components such as bore-up nozzles, tighter inner barrels, better seals, etc.

But battery voltage will determine how much quicker your motor will spin (as such ROF). As for mAh, that affects ROF too but most of time I may go with higher mAh so that I don't have to change batteries throughout the day.

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