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[CANCELLED] TKO: Camp Fruits Village, September 18 & 19
[OPEN FOR SIGN-UP] TKO: Camp Fruits Village, Sept. 18 & 19

- 2 days of airsoft and an evening of camping.
- Family friendly
- Monday is public holiday so there is a day to recover
- Can come for one or both days

- This booking will be made as soon as we have 10 or more people committed -

NEW: Sign-Up Sheet Available here!

This is something a little bit different. We will play a day of casual airsoft on Saturday, camp Saturday night, and then play a campaign style game on Sunday.
The camp ground has a lot of other activities beside airsoft (canoeing, etc) so there will be things for the entire family to do.

As soon as we have some numbers I will start booking camp sites and fields.

Organizer : TKOverkill
Date : September 18th and 19th, 2010
Time : TBA
Location : Fruits Camp Village - Google Map
Field Address : Chiba-Ken, Kimitsu-Shi, Tabina 96 (千葉県君津市旅名96)
Field Tel: 0439-38-2255‎
Cost : TBA
Lunch : bring / make your's camping! BBQ anyone?

Rules / ルール

For Newcomers :
For English Rules :

日本語のルールは :

Planned Games / ゲームの流れ

* Games will be explained closer to game day / 近日にもゲームの説明をします *

Cancellation Policy / 取消規定

We cannot cancel this booking

Minimum: 10 people

Fields impose strict cancellation policies on us organizers, and with good reason as no-shows will cause them losses of income. Hence we are propagating the policy to our players. We ask that players consider your schedules carefully before confirming your attendance. If you cancel after the specified deadline, please be prepared to pay the full attendance fee.


Transportation / 移動手段

Let's try to car pool where possible.

Signing up / 参加するには

If attending please read through the rules and use the sign up sheet here.


Indicate in this thread if you are tentative. If you list yourself as tentative please confirm within 3 or 4 days. You will otherwise be removed from the tentative list. We cannot cancel this booking, so please be sure you can attend if you sign up as confirmed.


Sign-up Here

More details here
campsite with 1000 W AC
5,000 yen

Campsite without AC
4,000 yen

6 mat sized bungalow
13,000 yen

4 mat sized bungalow
11,000 yen

- More information coming soon -
If I came back from Denver, Colorado before Sept 17, we will be able to attend.
I have to check my business trip schedule.
Do they have showers there? 2 days of Airsoft and BBQ ain't gonna be nice for anyone's nose.
They have a river...
besides it's camping.

I am not sure how they do it in France, but us real Canadian campers can go a few days in the great's how we keep the bears away Smile

But...for those lesser men and women out there, they do have a coin shower available for 300yen / 6 minutes.
Wow, I checked there camp schedule this morning and all facilities were available, but just checked back now and their 6 mat bungalows are filling up fast.

We need to make some quick decisions here folks!
River is fine for me ^^
I'm not sure yet, but I guess I would make it along with my gf, she's usually always up for camping. Count me confirmed.
I just booked my camp ground...I will take the family out regardless as it looks like a fun place.

Ycare, get your GF to
Sign up for an account with Camp Net

Then go to Camp Mura's booking page and reserve a camp site or bungalow for the 18th and 19th of September.
Thanks, I'll do that tonight after work with her, still need to talk her into it ^^
Wow, access is pretty difficult. Unless my girlfriend and I can share a ride with someone, I'd have to come alone basically, which kinda defeats the point honestly.

Any idea on this?
car pooling? Renting?
I think it will be hard to share a vehicle with someone if you plan on camping as camp gear takes alot of space.
If people can't arrange transportation there is probably no point in trying to set something up, is there?

I will wait to see what happens before booking fields.
Where is this campground, btw? I can't really tell from the website...
It's in Chiba.
I have added a google map link in the original post above. The link might be broken, it was having trouble dealing with one of the katakana characters...
Ginga, google map worked ok on my phone, thanks for posting.

This place is about 1.5 ~ 2 hrs from central Tokyo, depending on where you are. Need to take Aqualine in order to get there quickly.

Public transportation looks like it would be rough, so would recommend renting vans and carpooling where possible.
Yeah, I wouldn't mind renting, if I had a car licenses here... which I don't. See my problem?
Indeed. You still have 3 months though, so upgrade that motor bike liscense...or get a trailer, or a side car. See, solutions to everything Smile

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