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Scar H?
Hey does anyone have any experience with the g&g vfc or ares/star SCAR-H? i'm just lookin at starting airsoft and i don't want an M-4 like everyone else.
I was like you in the beginning, wanting to be different, but you will see an M4 has reasons to be popular, and its popularity makes any customization/upgrade very easy, while you might have more difficulties with the SCAR (although still popular).

No experience with the SCAR-H, but Ares makes rather decent guns, and I heard G&G is getting almost as good as G&P. You tried googling for reviews?
Thanks Ycare, i totally understand what your saying although i believe that most, or at least some, m-4 upgrades can be interchanged with the scar. i've been hitting up google and there are different strengths/weaknesses for both i'll just have to check out the fields here first before i decide what attribute would be more valuable out here. thanks for the help.
One thought about SCAR-H. I was keen on it too but the only hold-back for me were the mags. 7.62mm sized pouches are not as common as 5.56mm pouches. You can find them but the options are less.

In terms of brand, I'd stick to VFC. And as for ARES, they're closely linked to STAR of which to be honest, I'm not such a great fan of them either - mainly from reading from other forums rather than 1st hand ownership. VFC OTOH has a pretty strong reputation.
thanks guys, i like the vfc more anyway, it comes with an awesome case

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