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Hey Guys, Hi All,
I'm back, Suprised! pretty busy here though.. I'm selling this NEW stuff Cool

Dont be alarmed, I'm not leaving like HAZARD, I know you want me to leave but i'm not leaving unless I do so and you can't help about it okay Tongue , Reason for selling, It's just now that i fit this Awesome MC Praetorian mask and it is huge for me ( I have Hazard MC stalker & get it ready to hand for Q, he might be a stalker of me Heart if i dont make time to give it to him soon Ha hah.... It's sad that Hazard haven't seen it for real or hand it to him, because I'm busy Okay Angry ... So i need a woman size Mc Praetorian, but i love this stuff, wants it, use it & care for it, it's just i can't use it Waaaaaa Sad pity of me right Undecided

It is New, never used, never touch (just once) it is excellent, pretty, cool, cute, tough, great, stunning, magnificient, amazing, awesome stuff! Damn i dont know how to sales talk, but it's for sale. So hurry up or i might change my mind Angel

Asking 9,000 YEN - including tax, excitement, gasoline for getting it to Ycare, time & effort, and shame with the Jap guys drivers when i enter the no entry way, no right turn, counterflow that causes them all to freeze, traffic and I'm Blessed because there is no Police Officer around. Whew! he heh Big Grin
So hear from you all Blush Thanks..

p.s will accept trade-in MC Praetorian, for women size S for Small, Smart, Shock, Scary, Sea Shells, Sea Shores, Sexy, Stupid of me
p.s. again TIRION, Hazard is leaving on the Jet plane..
Interested... Please pm for details... Tnx
I tried to send you a reply thru Pm but it seems you've reached your message quota. Anyway, I'd just like to ask you about the transaction details like payment method and product inquisition. Thanks...
Hi xxtoooboooxx, I did tell Amazona about your interest in the mask. If it helps I can help mediate. But she's been informed that you're interested. She hasn't been checking TKO.
Oh is that so? Thanks Q... I really wanted to have a praetorian mask but our location is really a problem... please PM me about the details on how we can go thru this transaction... Thanks again! Big Grin
Thank you Q last time for going down from your office Big Grin, and thank you guys for communicating on this thread..apology for late reply..I just send PM on you xxtooboxx, can't read your pm although i did delete some messages..but i send you one a while ago..just let me know your thoughts then on to you soon..Shy
hi! Sorry for the late reply. I've been really busy with work lately. Anyway, that's a great idea about the postal payment. The only problem is, the distance between our location. You guys are from Tokyo, right? I'm from Nagoya so meeting with either you or Q would be impossible for me for the time being... And also, being busy with work, I really can't go to the post office for now... If it's ok with you, I would like to ask you to hold the mask for atleast a month. If not, it would be very disappointing but as Japanese people say, shoganaii...

Hoping for your kind consideration...
Lester a.k.a. xxtoooboooxx
Is the problem with how you are going to pay for the goods? Perhaps you can consider daibiki, which is where the recieving party pays the cost of shipping and the cost of the goods to the postal delivery guy upon reciept of the package - no bank transfer or trip to the post office needed (aside from when the sender mails the package out).
I sold something buy auction a while back and the buyer wanted to pay by daibiki. In order for it to happen I needed to register with the delivery company and go through some weird set-up stuff. I don't know if daibiki is a person to person service, something more for companies that have arrangements with the delivery companies. I think part of it is how the seller gets their money in the end. I don't think the delivery company person will pay you for your goods when they pick it up, and I don't know if they will make a trip back after delivery to give you the money. I believe you have to set up a direct deposit account or something similar for these services...

Psycho, do you know of delivery companies that will do daibiki services on a person to person basis? It would be good info to have, but my wife wasn't able to find any when she looked into it?
I believe the regular Japan Post does daibiki for individual customers (although never sent anything via daibiki before - only bought via daibiki).

Basically, you go to the post office and tell them you want to mail something daibiki. You fill out the mailing slip and also fill out a form with your Post Office bank account information so they can transfer the money to you.

Don't have a post office bank account? No problem - you can request to get a payment voucher instead, which will be mailed to you after the package is delivered and the receiving party pays the money. You take that voucher to the post office and they give you your money.

Here are some links (in Japanese):
Post office page:

Understand Daibiki in one minute (helpful page (in Japanese) with examples on the service charge involved):

Sorry for highjacking this thread, but as I'm not 100% sure what the delivery issues are, hopefully this information is helpful to Amazona and xxtoooboooxx as well.
Interesting...but no good for xxtoooboooxx cause this all started with him saying he can't make it to the post office Smile
Thanks for the info.
Maybe I should split this thread?
Actually, if I'm reading the posts correctly, xxtoooboooxx is on the receiving end, so the delivery would be made to his doorstep. If he misses it, they will leave a slip so he can choose when to have them retry the delivery.

Amazona / xxtoooboooxx - please let us know if this information is helpful to your situation or not. If its not needed, Ginga will split this off so you can have your thread back! Big Grin
lol, true
That's what happens when I post after playing an indoor game until midnight Smile
Hey Guys, thank you for your thoughts and suggestions..I will be passing Nagoya this Monday going to Hiroshima just for a day...Anyhow i will be waiting xxtooboxx, i'll reserve it for you, just let me know when i will send the stuff to you..i was thinking to send it via Yamato Takyubin or Sagawa..
(Example: Kuruneko delivery will receive the stuff and pay the amount of it to the delivery man, No worry's i will receive your payment as i think that's the best way we can save time and effort...Thank you all for giving us idea how we can sort of this..

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