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Custom M4 vs LiPo and Ni-MH Batteries.
Hey all,
I bought a couple LiPo batteries and thought I would try them out this evening. I wanted to see if they were REALLy any stronger than my regular batteries, so decided to do a head to head.

I set up a mic and a camera, and used each battery in the same gun to empty 1 full TM M4 mag (about 68 rounds).

The results were very interesting...

Check out the video on my blog

Any one know what the fix to the problem at the end of the video might be?
Busted Piston is my bet. You probably killed the first (or last depending on who you talk to in airsoft) engaging tooth of the piston. That's why for high ROF setups, the 2nd tooth (or the 2nd last tooth) of the piston is shaved off to reduce chances of mistiming. Or in Japan for some reason they like to say "crash" a lot.

See how the 2nd (or 2nd last tooth) is empty? Quite a few piston makers already make it default for higher speed setups :-

There's another company that used to make the teeth waved at different length to reduce piston crash. I thought it's Modify but I can't seem to find pics of it. Will update this post later if I find it.

P.S. Look at sector chips too for the sector gear to have better nozzle BB loading timing improvements. The sector chip delays the tappet plate engagement.
Thanks for that Q.
I will have to open it up I think Smile
Have a quick question, where's there you shoot that vid?
GingaNinga question for you.

When you are using the lipos, do you have a mosfet installed?

All i run in my AEG's are lipos 7.4v to 11.1v, nothing under 20c.

Here is how my t97 is with a lipo, no problems what so ever with it.

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I don't have a mosfet installed.
I spoke to the mech that built it for me and he explained that I was right at the border rps wide when the piston and gears need to be replaced with short stroke kits. At around 22 rps the full sized piston starts to have timing trouble. Looks like it has been fixed. I will pick it up Saturday and repot back.

Thanks for the image. I noticed you are getting about 20 RPS with your 11.1.
I was getting 22 RPS with a 7.2 20C...don't think I will go with anything higher than that Smile
Hi Ron, sorry I missed your question. I shot that video in the drum room of my studio.
I left the door open so I could shoot through the mixing room and into a 3rd room...about 12 meters all together, so a nice little target range Smile

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