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TM CQB-R Upgrades
Does anyone know what upgrades are good for the TM CQB-R?

I want to upgrade it but can not find any good answers as to what upgrades work with it.

Any information on what upgrades are good and also where they are sold and brand name would be helpful also.

Thanks in advance everyone.

Laylax makes a number of Sopmod products. I think these will all work with the CQB as the internals are the same, it is just the front end that is different.

You can get tight bore barrels and gear sets, and other things. What is it you want to do? Visual upgrades, performance?
The CQB is mainly for indoors, and as such has a shorter barrel and less power.

You could buy a second hop-up unit and attach a longer inner barrel and hide it with a silencer. The swap is very easy once you know how and then you could have a quick change for indoor and outdoor use.

Let me know what you are thinking of doing (performance, accuracy, cosmetics) and I will provide some links.

Here is the Laylax Sopmod stuff...there first few pages are mainly.
I don't know about you guys I'm more of a cylinder port matching to inner barrel kinda guy. i.e. if I get a longer inner barrel, I'd change my ported cylinder to match it.
WiskieTango - is there something specific that you are looking to fix that you're not satisfied with on the gun? My new piece is based off the same platform as the CQB-R, so am curious if you've noticed something that I should be on the lookout for as well.

As it's still brand new, I'm just focusing my initial efforts on getting the rest of my kit up to speed - i.e. vest/plate carrier, pouches, sling, BDU, etc... I think I have quite a bit of gear stuck in customs right now. Undecided

The only stuff I bought that is directly related to the gun area ton of extra mags (need to fill those pouches with something), ranger pulls and a tactical scope. I'm also looking for a tactical flashlight setup but haven't found the right one yet.

Once I have all that stuff sorted, I'm probably going to buy a backup gun before I start tinkering with my main gun.
This is just my personal high level plan, and of course can be taken with a grain of salt as it's just my two cents worth.

That said, would be interested to hear what you end up doing as eventually I'm probably going to want to do some internal upgrades as well.
Just realized how long my post was and I didn't really answer your question... sorry!!
Sean, I wonder if they changed the cylinder from the one in the M4 Sopmod?

I was suggesting that he go from the short CQB length to to a regular sized (363mm I think), and that it would "probably" get him at 6-8 m/s increase and improve accuracy...It would make the CQB a quick switch indoor and outdoor solution.

With my G36 I swapped it to an M4 length and saw an instant 6 m/s increase without having to open the mechbox.

If you are new to self repair then the hop/barrel swap is a good place to start. A mechbox opening and cylinder swap becomes a permanent solution unless you want to keep opening it, whicj I find a huge pain, especially the way it is rear wired and the potential for stripping the wired trying to remove the stock tube pipe. No thanks...Although, front wiring like you have takes all that pain away Smile
Not certain. I've never really used a stock TM cylinder. Whenever I changed the inner barrel length I'd always get a matchin ported cylinder (see here to find the different range of lengths these cylinders support).

It is possible that TM installed a generic 1xport type and regardless of barrel length, they just use that same ported cylinder.
Well gentlemen, I am not really looking to upgrade the externals right now. Except maybe some flip up sights and shorter or longer barrel (still debating). Really what I was thinking of doing was possibly getting a tight bore barrel and what ever internals I can do with out having to really rip apart the ver 2 gear box.

I heard from a post on the internet that there is a tight bore twist barrel and was wondering what others have heard about that and if it is true, how good is it?

I would have to possibly pay a place like echigoya to do the upgrades because I have never opened up an airsoft gun for sh**s and giggles. Thanks for all your replies guys.

Hi Wiskie,

Replacing the inner barrel is a pretty easy process. I think you could save your self a few thousand yen by trying yourself.
If you like I can show you how to do it at the next game...

or maybe it's time for another tech session?
About a year ago we had 10 or so people gather at my place to open up a few mech, hop-up units etc. Maybe we should do it again,

Anyone interested?
Sign me up. Q was going to show me, but seeing as to how his guns are always breaking down... would be nice if you were to run something. Smile
It's a pity you guys don't have faith in me. Not to mention that the ones that did fail that day were the ones that were built by a shop actually :p!!
Riiiight - and it was the shop's fault that you didn't charge your batteries..... Tongue Big Grin
Yes but that's not a mechbox "breaking down".

Note: this is getting off topic.

WiskieTango, with this new mechbox design, there's probably not much that you'd want to change since there aren't any re-inforced mechboxes for this version. Anyhow if you intend to leave the mechbox as it is, probably the inner barrel, bucking and/or nub, motor (be very careful as too high speed and you could have problems) are probably about the only items you can change.

Since you're going to get a shop to do it then you could get them to change some of the internals too (like Laylax parts GingaNinja was talking about - piston/head, etc.) and if you can I'd highly recommend having a FET installed. The FET will improve your trigger response and general protection of your trigger switch from arc-burns too.
Q / GingaNinja- for these types of upgrades, what do you guys think is the best bang for your buck (considering results and also taking into account ease of use and maintenance - i.e. don't want the box to blow up b/c of the additional strains/pressures due to these upgrades). Confused

I'd guess that depends on your goal. If it's accuracy what I've learnt from the seasoned modders on other forums would be the hop-up bucking and/or nub (depending on the combo that you do). Tightbore inner barrels would be next (I'll talk later about the Tanio Koba twist barrel Wiskie asked about earlier). If it's for circuit protection (such as burnt trigger switches) and for better trigger response, a FET installed in the circuitry.

The higher speed motor is for increasing Rate Of Fire. Keeping the same battery, I'll -GUESS- that upgrading the motor -ONLY- is ok. But if you later change to a higher voltage battery or move from NiMH to Lipo, with that faster motor & not change the internals, you could face a mechbox crash.

Now about the Tanio Koba twist barrels. From what I've read in other forums and from my personal use I can't say that the TK twist is any better than a PDI 6.01 or Prometheus 6.03 tightbore. The result to me seems to be the same. The idea of the TK twist is that it "cushion's" the BB by rifling the air around it making it more steady. It's also designed to be used for under 1J and doesn't work in higher J or higher FPS setups. Not that it matters since we're in Japan and we're limited to under 1J anyway. The problem is with actual tests performed by other airsofters around the world, there is no conclusive result - some say it's not worth the money, others are so happy with it. Again -my- personal experience is that with the same setup, I find no difference in accuracy with TK twist vs a tightbore for Japan's 1J. Both the twist & the tightbore are an improvement over stock, but not against each other.

I think the best 2 all around upgrades with the least amount of hassle will be
1. Tight bore barrel
2. Hop Up

I think the Madbull tight-bores are great, and use them almost exclusively now. I do have a 550mm Promethius that I had on my M4 Sopmod.

I feel that the simplicity of installation and the immediate benefits make this by far the best bang for buck upgrade for the time and energy it takes to do. I would leave the mechbox internals as they are, and replace things if they break. Installing a FET, although surely having merit, seems like an expensive investment on the chance that your play style might arc a switch. If the ROF is good enough on it now, why open it. Don't fix what isn't broken. I very much respect the investment that guys like Q have made with their guns, and they know what they are talking about, so if you want to go the turbo charged route, then the vets around here are very much the ones to turn to. I am finding though, that upgraded guns become like high end race vehicles...they are great when they run smooth, but you will need to do alot of preventative care and hope you are sponsored by a company that will pay for the expensive repairs.

It will take you less than 10 minutes to do a barrel swap and hop-up bucking/nub replacement...if that.

On My Sopmod I changed the barrel, hop, spring, cylinder, air nozzle, piston head, etc. I was new to the sport and thought I needed to mod the internals to gain that competitive edge, and that's what all the cool kids were doing Smile I also like to learn about "how things work" when I start new hobbies. It was a great learning experience, but at the end of the day a huge headache, and I regret ever having opened the mechbox. I eventually got it to all work together, and was shooting a very consistent 97 m/s with a 550mm barrel (long!). I probably would have been fine with a barrel and hop swap. If we can find out if the cylinder is ported or not it will give you a better sense of what length inner barrel to get...550 is too long for the CQB Smile

About the twist barrel.
I think it would be very cool to get 4 people together with SOPMODS.
We could install a different inner barrel into each of the 4 guns hop up units and then use them in one gun.
We could get a sense of the accuracy and fps difference in each.

If we had...
1. Stock Sopmod (363mm TM barrel)
2. A madbull 6.03
3. A promethius 6.03
4. Tanio Koba

We could get a fairly good test out of this by putting a bipod on the gun and having consistent shooting conditions, etc.

Anyone have one of the above and want to volunteer for this.

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