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Glock 17 Inner Barrel
Hey there,

I'm looking for a new barrel for my Glock 17 in order to improve the output a little (~0.46J against my P99 at ~0.58J). I looked on ehobby for a madbull inner barrel, but could only find ones for KSC guns, and mine is a TM.

I found that, but never head of the brand before, anyone else knows it? I also wonder what is the default TM inner barrel width? 6.05?

Any input is welcome! Looking forward to making my Glock a killer ^^

TM is most likely 6.08mm is my guess. I can't confirm for sure. However why not PDI 6.01? Concerned about BB jams? Also probably if you wanna improve power output have a look at changing the valves.

Barrel :-

Valve :-

Then other things :-

By the way you can also improve recoil :-
Awesome dude! Thanks a lot! ^^
It sounds like valves were already upgraded by wagon for the propane, it still smells a lot like it ^^
Looks like the Nozzle has a reinforced cylinder head included, not sure if piston head is necessary with that too. Honestly never noticed there were so many pieces in a handgun!

6.01 sounds a little too much, indeed afraid of jams, I'll go with this 6.03, can't hurt, worst case I'll just use back the TM, real cheap anyway.

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