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Tokyo Marui G36C Custom Electric Blowback
(16-06-2012, 06:14 PM)Magnet Wrote: Dammit! Thanks Drifter. I ended up picking up some long rails from (another one of your great recommendations). They fit great, though I did have to remove the sling mount on the bottom rail (never use it anyway). I'm actually really happy with my G36C, works perfectly. I just wanted to get the novelty of recoil. Hehe. Next step will be replacing the stock with an adjustable one, maybe with an inbuilt battery mount (google G36C Sniper Stock).

Good to hear you got what you needed. Recoil guns aren't a must, but I must confess it's hard to go back after you've used one for awhile (like playing a videogame with no rumble built into the controller). The G36C Recoil Shock has a solid shake to it from what I've tried, good addition to the line.

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