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TM SIG 552 Lockout - TheBackhander - 10-05-2013

Hey guys, I recently took apart my wife's TM sIG 552 to upgrade the barrel and when i put it back together it was locked out, i can not get this thing to fire. I have taken it back apart at least half a dozen times and i am stumped. Any hekp here would be amazing!!!

RE: TM SIG 552 Lockout - Q - 15-05-2013

Time for the shop. Failure could be anywhere...loose connector for the motor, etc. Is it truly dead in the water, dead? i.e. electricity flowing through? Assume the battery's charged.

RE: TM SIG 552 Lockout - Ycare - 22-05-2013

I know I'm late, but are you sure you are putting the motor in right direction (connector wise). If the motor tries to run opposite, it will just block. Happened to me once and took me a while to figure out I messed up the connectors to the battery, making the motor run opposite.

RE: TM SIG 552 Lockout - TheBackhander - 23-05-2013

Q- charged battery and not even a turnover of the motor with the connection proper. Where could i drop it off? Does echigoya do repairs?

Ycare-The connections are in the right place and the motor is oriented right, i eventually found that the gearbox locked itself out for some reason but i unlocked it and it is fine now but i still can not get the gearbox to actuate.

RE: TM SIG 552 Lockout - Aouwra - 27-05-2013

Yeah, Echigoya does repairs, and if you don't need new parts, it'll be pretty reasonable too.